Agbada Designs Of Our Century

Agbada design

Agbada Designs Of Our Century

Agbada designs

Agbada is one of the native wears worn by Africans, most especially Nigerians. In the past, Agbada is a traditional garment worn strictly by kings, chiefs, and those of high importance in society.

That law is outdated now, and Agbada design is now a trendy design for both males and females. It is usually a three-piece garment that includes a pair of trousers (Sokoto), an inner long or short-sleeved shirt (Buba), and a loose-fitting outer garment of knee-length.

Several twists and styles are being introduced to help rock the design so well. From the classical cut to embroidery color, you are sure to find a perfect fit for your personality type and even your wardrobe.

A modern man can look dazzling with his Agbada design in any color and style of his preference. Agbada are versatile designs and can be worn any day of the week, especially on weekends to events and parties.

Agbada is usually paired with neck and hand beads and also a matching cap when worn by the groom, king, chief, and someone of royal lineage.

This design can be rocked with half shoes, sneakers, sandals, and even cover shoes depending on your choices. It is a must have in everyone’s wardrobes, so what are you waiting for?

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